Sunday, December 13, 2009

Upcoming Dates?

Hey there. Are we meeting this Wednesday?

And if Tom Sarver is available can we have him come on the 28th?




  1. Are we to just upload images of our work in progress instead of actually meeting next week?

  2. Because most D4er’s will be away on December 23rd, D4 will NOT have an official meeting on this date. The next official D4 meeting will be on January 6th 2010. Meeting place to be determined by Rob.

    HOWEVER, I encourage ALL of you to either correspond via email or through meeting with each other to work on these things:
    1)a press release for the upcoming Unstill’d exhibition
    2) food and drink for the event.

    As discussed at the last meeting, the artist talk with Tom Sarver will have to be postponed due to most of the D4 artists having holiday plans. I’m still working on it, but it may not happen until spring 2010.

    ALL — please post on the blog. Images and thoughts of your work, other’s work, things and thoughts relating to life as an artist, issues, etc... and respond to what other’s post.